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Elevator Company

"Over the past 13 years in my capacity as the Otis New Equipment Senior Project Manager it

has been my distinct pleasure to witness the Eddington Engineering team preform flawlessly on

numerous projects with complex and varied scopes.

During the San Diego Federal Courthouse project when the need arose to maximize the rail

span distances to unprecedented lengths your team proactively took the lead, thought outside

the box and brought solutions to the table using a completely fresh perspective. The confidence

displayed by the Eddington Engineering team was both warranted, since all solutions were code

compliant, and fundamental in allowing Otis to serve our customer.

You have demonstrated expertise on dozens of school (DSA) and hospital (OSHPD) projects.

Time and time again I have watched while you have successfully defended your signed

calculations and drawings against questions. This is not a "one issue" compliment. ALL issues

on EVERY one of these type jobs over the past decade have been cleanly handled by you.

This 100% success rate speaks for itself! The mastery with which you understand your trade is

impressive to say the least.

It is with sincere admiration for your firm that I can honestly say, without reservation, on any

project I will ever encounter, regardless of how complex it is that the best way to ensure Otis

has our customer covered is to ask Eddington Engineering what they think. Other firms might

have right answers, but you always do. As a manager, that fact makes my decision as to which

structural engineering firm to use quite simple really."


James R. Cook

Otis San Diego

Senior New Equipment Project Manager


Elevator Company

"I have worked with Eddington Engineering for over 10 years on a variety of vertical transportation equipment. They have consistently met, or exceeded my expectations in regards to the quality of work, timeliness of delivery, and availability for discussions concerning questions/issues. On occasion, I have encountered project design issues that could not be resolved through our internal engineering department. Eddington, without fail, has always stepped up to the challenge and created a design/plan that was able to address the specific project issues while maintaining our original engineering equipment requirements."

Donald M. Hoy

Otis Los Angeles

Senior Project Manager


Elevator Company

"I have worked with Eddington Engineering for the past 10+ years. Ron's knowledge and understanding of KONE products is second to none. His willingness to explore solutions without altering our products is extremely helpful.


Ron's ability to maximize our bracket spacing and tailor attachment designs for each project has helped our field team to no end. Ron and his team's understanding of the DSA/OSHPD process is very valuable.


It is a pleasure working with Ron and the team at Eddington Engineering and I would highly recommend their services for any structural work."

Manish Sablok

KONE Americas, Cypress CA

Project Manager


Elevator Company

"Eddington Engineering is a known firm with experience, independent thinking and analytical skills.


Working with Eddington Engineering is always a pleasure while receiving premium service from them. Eddington is customer oriented that providing not only the service in quick turnaround but also a detailed calculation/plan to fulfill the project needs. For any plan checker's comments, Eddington always engages with them for feedbacks and solutions.


Eddington Engineering takes lead on evolving code requirements. As ASME A17.1 introduced seismic design category from IBC, it was quite a challenge for elevator industry to respond on product design compliance. Eddington Engineering stepped in with their expertise to support us on code analysis and product design change review. Their opinions are always practical and thorough.


We consider Eddington Engineering as a partner more than a service provider. That brings growth for both parties."

Henry Wei, MSc

Mitsubishi Electric

Elevator/Escalator Division, Cypress CA

RCB Elevator Consulting, LLC

Elevator Consulting Firm

"I’ve worked professionally with Ronald Eddington, Eddington Engineering, Inc., going back to the 1990s when I was a project manager with U.S. Elevator Corp., which later became part of Thyssenkrupp Elevator Corp.  We used Ron’s structural engineering services extensively for California OSHPD hospital and DSA school projects, which required full detailing and certification of all structural and seismic elements over 40 lbs.


When I started my own consultancy, RCB Elevator Consulting, LLC, in 1999, Ron and I collaborated on countless projects where often unique elevator design solutions required creative but solid structural engineering.  We specialized in the more complex elevator alterations, such as basement winding drum to basement or overhead traction systems.  Seismic upgrades to existing deficient guiderail systems as mandated due to increased loading or to meet current code are among the most challenging of projects.  Ron and I invented the Low-Profile Fishplate™ , a series of the thinnest available seismic guiderail splice available on the market, so as to be able to seismically retrofit rail stacks that were otherwise too close to the hoistway wall.  We pioneered the “ladder” method of reinforcing deficient rail section with a simple shop fabricated, hoist in place and clamp solution, which wouldn’t interfere with the splice sections and greatly reduced field installation labor. 

A hallmark of Eddington Engineering, Inc. is the appreciation for the true cost of elevator work, which is invariably field labor.  Few engineering firms understand the importance of installability, especially when concerning retrofit of existing equipment.  Understanding the issues of field welding in existing hoistways, tool access in confined spaces, the requirements of work progress of assemble – all require a different way of thinking.  Another failing of many engineers is the element of material efficiency.  To understand our industry, which is unlike any other, is to know the code, the prescribed design criteria, factors of safety, etc. and to design efficiently to that standard.  Ron ascribes to the principle of the “right design” which requires doing the necessary calculations and not taking the lazy and wasteful path of overdesigning.

I have to say in closing, I could not do what I do without Ron and his great work.  And now that he is expanding his engineering team, passing on his unique wisdom, his work capacity no longer lags his great abilities.  I cannot recommend Eddington Engineering, Inc. more highly."

Richard C Blaska
RCB Elevator Consulting, LLC

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