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Founded in the year 2000 by Structural Engineer Ronald Eddington, Eddington Engineering, Inc has been a major force of influence in the Elevator Engineering community. Completing 200+ projects a year on average using in-house developed programs and structural engineering tools, our company is the leader in structural anchorage of deferred submittal elevator installations. Our goal is to get your project through building departments, DSA, & OSHPD without costly modifications to your product. Nearly 1/3 of submittals engineered by us go through the plan-check phase with no comments. Simplify your project work flow, and choose Eddington Engineering, Inc.

Deferred Submittals, Structural Anchorage

Deferred Submitals, Structural Member Design, Connection Design


Steel stairways are a growing specialty of ours that has started with the addition of Isaac Eddington, PE to the team. Having designed and performed calculations for over 30+ steel stairway projects over the course of his career with little to no plan check comments, he knows what items to check and how to optimize your stair design. We're here to work with you on your project using sophisticated industry-standard software suites that will better communicate with your detailing software. Our company policy is to adapt our workflow to simplify yours.


Decorative Guardrails, Safety Guardrails, Fall Protection Anchorage

Miscellaneous Metals are an extension of the work we do in the Elevator Industry. Many times these deferred submittal miscellaneous metals are not dealt with the careful attention to detail that Eddington Engineering, Inc. can provide. Every project no matter how small will receive an expert level of care no matter which engineer is assigned to your project.

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